Is a new venture In your future
“Is A New Venture In Your Future?” They say that at some point in everyone’s life, there is a moment where one asks the question, would I be better off starting my own company? Have I had enough of working for someone else, and should I steer my own path?
Worker’s Comp – Just A Few Notes
Worker’s Comp – Just A Few Notes… When discussing with businesses about their different insurance needs, one conversation that is almost sure to spark quite a colorful conversation is when we discuss their Worker’s Compensation Insurance needs. It doesn’t matter what type of business you run, if you have employees,
to one and all a happy new year
“TO ONE & ALL A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!” From all of our staff at PJO Insurance Brokerage to all of those in Orange County, CA we wish you a “Happy New Year” and our hope for all of you is that in 2017, your company will find incredible successes in
liability insurance pjo brokerage
“The Role of Directors’ & Officers’ Liability Insurance” When looking at the history of Directors and Officers Insurance in California you have to go back in time more than eighty years. After the Great Depression, which was a very difficult time for both individuals and businesses alike, Congress, in 1933
read this information on Employment Practices Liability Information for Orange County companies.
Why EPLI Should Be Part of Your Insurance Program All across America, whether it’s new Orange County, CA start-ups and established companies over the past two years plus have added thousands of new employees to their workforces. With this huge increase in employment, companies can always count on one thing,
Orange County Start up Insurance
“Have You Caught Start-Up Fever?” As each new day arrives in Orange County, CA, thousands of potential new entrepreneurs are starting to plan and dream just how their new business start-up will proceed, and just how successful they will be. As almost every seasoned entrepreneur will attest to, it takes
Have You Looked at Your Insurance Program Lately?
Have You Looked at Your California Business Insurance Program Lately? A few weeks ago, we sat down with a potential new client to discuss his insurance program in detail. His policies were due for renewal in a short time. The client was a California General Contractor who, for the most
The Importance of Professional Liability
The Importance of Professional Liability One trend that has been occurring with more frequency for quite a few Orange County, CA companies is the use of independent contractors instead of hiring new employees. As is the case with almost all companies these days, the most important item to worry about
Some Very Important Notes On Insurance
Some Very Important Notes On Insurance Some Very Important Notes On Insurance Our advice is that if you would like to explore how having an insurance plan for your business can be an advantage to your business, that you sit down with an insurance broker and go over your options.
Reviewing Your Current Orange County Insurance Policies? by PJO Insurance Brokerage in Orange County, CA
Reviewing Your Current Orange County Insurance Policies? Reviewing Your Current Orange County Insurance Policies? Ensure your Orange County business has the insurance it needs by reviewing your policies. Patrick O’Neill talks about things you may have overlooked. Orange County, California For any company today, reviewing various aspects of your business